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We Produce Inspiring Boxes
Every Day!

01. Production Capacity

We produce 15.000 hardcover lidd boxes and 100.000 Bristol paper boxes weekly.

02. Export Points

France, England, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Dubai, Italy, Kuwait, Sweden, United States of America.

03. Box Design

Your designs can be prepared in Vakineva-Box Design Atelier without the need of any design agency.

About Us

We are a sub-brand of a digital agency established in 2014 that only produces special designs. We offer the best products with a variety of capabilities and expertise.

We bring a carefully crafted and inspiring approach to every project we work on.

There are many box makers but some things need to be highlighted. The most important thing that should draw your attention in this paragraph is the sentence “We are doing this job very well”.

We Produce Quality Boxes!

Vakineva-Box gives you everything you need to produce the most special bespoke boxes. It produces completely user-friendly products that are carefully designed, full of creative elements and useful options, and please you.

We bring a carefully crafted and inspiring approach to every project we work on. That’s why our customers love us and are happy to work with us also our design.

Your every order will be prepared on the basis of the best design, the best production and the fastest delivery time, regardless of quantity.

For our customers who need box design, original and creative designs can be made by experts in the field at the ‘Vakineva-Box Design Office’.



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